Corn and Crows

WOW… what a ridiculous weekend for the autonomous robotiums that is metal man kx… First off i got yelled at by a woman who apparently drove 12 miles to my Stop and Shop for corn… the price was 10 for like something that was not that cheep by regular price… i tell her that we have to get it of the truck and that hadn’t even pulled up to our unloading dock yet… she goes on a rant about how long of a drive she had to partake in order to get the corn and we dont even have it… well you old hag… do you have a telephone like all the rest of the 6.7 billion inhabitants of this world… no!?!?! so you use smoke signals and carrier pigeons to pay your bills and haggle your son about who won on Jeopardy last night??? i go check and thank go the truck was there… the problem was there was 7 pallets of product ahead of the corn… i run out to tell her that and she gives more crap about “well… how long is THAT going take?”… i rush back to the railer and pull the pallet and get to the one with the corn… on OF COURSE is on the bottom underneath 500 pounds of seafood… so rip a case out… throw it (literally) into a extra shopping carriage and wheel it out to her… by happenstance and very serendipitous my mom was in the store and was there… i give the cart to the lady say sorry about the wait and go talk to my mom… do you now what happened then… the woman comes and tapped me on the shoulder and says… “I wanted the PACKAGED corn… not the loose corn!” so i tell her that she asked for fresh corn… not the package corn… so she tells me “I assumed that you knew what i meant when i said i wanted corn…

*EDIT 9/5/09* This where i originally flipped out and re told the expletives that were sprang forth from the deepest darkest bowls of my blacked soul… but some changes of heart and my editor( not really but he helps me out with stuff now and again) made me change y mind and not write a bunch of terrible swear words (im sorry mom and nanna)

the ending to the story is that i went through hell and back to make this silly hag happy… for $11.10 an hour i should have spit on her corn and shover her in her grave… and then in papyrus, inscribe on her tomb stone… “here lies some old crow that deserved less than a spoon full of that white stuff that forms in the corner of your mouth when your thirsty”…

But i didn’t… i put a smile on my face…. gave her the packages of corn and watched as she walked out of the department… *whew… thanks for that guys… i fell a lot better about the situation now that it has been lifted off my shoulders… god speed to those of us who work in the customer satisfaction business… because you know as well as Ben Affleck knows… “the customer is always and ASSHOLE!”

and papyrus is god awful… damn you Joss Whedon and your Serenity title…

p.s. i had written in the begging “first off”… well after that story im to tired to do anything more… so im sorry for being misleading on that part…


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