Nucalar Sheltar

Sorry i have been absent on the scene of blog land USA… When sitting at home i would rather play around in photoshop, play guitar or videogames… you know the stuff one does when trying to avoid emails from your boss or checking online sources for when the hell there gonna release a trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar (not the show on wind bending and mixed marital arts… and magic) or you know… blogging… So while avoiding said computing tragedies… your infamous (and defiantly not famous) writer has decide to jump into the perspective of a surviver of nuclear fallout in the award wining FPS/RPG/NonMMO/ available for PS3/XBOX360/PC game… Fallout 3…

The basic story is lil’ boys dad is all like “i love you but im gone” and your all like “DADDY!?!?!” but not like Anakin Skywalker when he becomes Darth Vader in Episode 3 and cries like a “little (expletive deleted) with a skinned knee”(Dogma, Smith, Kevin)… so stuff goes bad and you up and leave your future/retro fallout home and wonder into the Wastelands of post-apocalyptic Washington , DC…

Gameplay wise its standard and not so standard… the standard is you kill bad guys if your good, or kill good and bad guys if your bad… collect stuff and sell stuff, finds stuff, make stuff, shoot stuff and blow stuff up… the Not-so-standard stuff is in the combat… one could go through the entire game playing like a typical FPS… which would be beyond boring… or you could us the V.A.T.S. system… what V.A.T.S. allows you to do is imagine the Matrix/Max Payne/George Ramero combined into one and thats the out come… + stats… you can individually target body parts of what ever creature your fighting… the interface includes the % hit and possible damage done to target… the Romero aspect is dependent on a critical hits (with the addition of the perk Bloody Mess… my description cannot do the games own justice so here LINK!) in short… you crit… BLAMO!!! every pixilated orifice explodes with gore, parts and horrible M rated awesomeness…

So if this was a review… which it kind of is… i would say it get a thumbs up out of 4 finger nails and a bucket of cheese… thats going to be a new rating system… i will devise it… it will the be the rating standard of the future… so SCREW you ESRB… im calling you out… and to HELL with stars or numbers… F THAT… i say… its gonna be finger nails and cheese…

Anyway… im glad to have shared with you my feelings of a great game by a great studio (Bethesda im sorry for no love or props in the intro… oblivion changed my life) so go buy it and stay tuned for more stuff about stuff… much love… ROBOT KWmetal man…

and Papyrus was not used in the making of Fallout… at least to my knowledge… and if so… then ill have word with that dude or woman… because ladies can do things… ok that may have came out sexiest… so i apologize right now… women are powerful and mysteriouse creatures that men both love and fear and we need to repsect them… no im seriouse if you dont respect women your about as usless and a .ppt done in Papyrus…



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