Audio Fixation

Gooday Planet X… KW metal man here with a first for you unfamiliar to me and my previous blogs on tunes… Im sitting in my cubical (kind of) working on a prototype of a website that will change EVERYTHING U KNOW… not really but its work and i get payed so what ev… i was perusing my massive library of music to find that wonderful band that will help me motivate my creative juices to flow down the proverbial river of making stuff… i have no idea if any of that makes sense but who cares…

Whilst scrutinizing my laundry list of audio formated files… i stumbled upon a “band” that i have consistently avoided due to me just avoiding them… no reason that is beyond reason if you would… any way this is Tobais Sammet’s( the frontman of Edguy) side project Avantasia… its symphonic/power metal to boot… and if you have no idea what any of those words mean please leave the internet… anyway Avantasia is a a concept “band” about fantasy and space and love and freedom, all the things that power metal power metal…

The problem, if it is a problem, is that i have been listing to only one of the songs off of an EP and one song only… On the EP Lost in Space  the opening track is Lost in Space… also it is the closing track on The Scarecrow which is the new album out now(don’t ask why i plug things… im not trying to hawk anything i swear)

So why the hell do i keep playing this song over and over (play count is now at 37)… well for one thing im too lazy to try and come up with a better song right now… secondly because… by GOD is the chorus the most beautiful/catchy/whimsical thing i have heard in many a year… its like if love was personified as an explosion of joy in the deepest parts of space that are undiscovered yet only hidden the hearts of men… if your in dire need of something that isn’t to ridiculously different but beautiful and approachable… listen to this song… well enough of me going of about nothing that is important (not to some) im off to design…

and NOT with Papyrus…


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