Experience Points…

Hello great big blue… metal manic KW is here for the first amazing rant… I have been out of school for about 3 months and trying to pave my way to the freedom of school loans a bye-bye… Here at my place of business i create prototypes of web sites and work hand in hand with code monkeys (is that PC?) to make my pretty picture come to fruition… but this part is not what this blog-o-matic post is about… its about the experience of being in the creative work force and dealing with the one thing that school had lacking (for the most part) CLIENTS!!!

The interaction between creative mind and someone who has a vision and only a vision can be both ultimately rewarding, or it can suck the true essence of creativity out of one who is trained and adamant in thinking/looking/acting creative… so far in the month and 1/2 i have been working i have bombarded with both sides of this equation… my advice to those entering (because all the old guys & girls have been doing this a hole helluva lot longer than i have)… i say deal with it… do you get a paycheck each week, or by week weekly which is the same as 1/2 monthly or if you really want weekly times 2 unless you make your own hours or have a sick day… if you said yes to any of this unreasonably long list of payment options then you have step one covered… do you like what you do… not the clients but the fact that you can create things each and every day… if that too is a yes the hurray 4 u… the final this is do you go home and jump on xbox live and kick the living crap out of little kids in their parents basement on Call of Duty:WAW (tm to activition and tryarch… keep up the great work… Shi No Numa Zombies is super awesome)… or yell at your little puppy or kitty because your so MAD at what happened at work… it easy, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT… sorry caps got stuck… its ok to leave the office mad… but take a drive/walk/run and cool off and tell yourself this “its cool man, let work stay at work” (me) and focuse on the problems of your home life at home… combining the two will tear your soul apart…

If your still reading this then thank you so much… remember support local art… local music… your local Stop and Shop Supermarket (if in your area.. and no there not paying me to say that…. there just paying me) and please please please lets all together once and forall…



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